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This one says “pets” (Dolly and Suki were supposed to be on the same page, but I messed up—haha). This is such a great keepsake. This is painfully common, and I have very strong feelings about this subject. On the other hand, I’ve seen my friends struggle tremendously from trying desperately to have children of their own. If you’re thinking of adopting, here’s my pep talk for you! Haha! Interior Design Studio. My husband and I are considering adoption but it seems so scary! She’s gonna be a lucky girl! This is going to be wonderful. That is really adorable! Many congratulations on the adoption. Thanks so much for sharing your story. My wife and I have been considering adoption but are scared both because of scary cost stories we’ve heard and because we’ve heard stories about agencies turning down LGBTQ+ families which would be heartbreaking for us. Thanks so much for reading! So happy for you guys and excited to see your sweet girl when she comes home ❤️, I love this so much…what a wonderful introduction to her forever mama and baba! Thank you ❤️. I’d love a suggestion on where to start. So excited for you guys! xx. Accessibility Help. Interior Design Studio. You’ve already heard this in a billion ways, a billion times, but I’ll go ahead and say it again…This dream child will live her dream life with you, Jeremy, Dolly and Sukie. Fun Fact- Elsie and her sister Emma are the cofounders of the popular parent blog “A Beautiful Mess,” as well as the A Color Story app. ), This site uses affiliate links. This left me teary. See more of A Beautiful Mess on Facebook. Cute project! I love this DIY and now plan to make a book for my baby that includes extended family she doesn’t see often so she has an adorable way to learn their names. Even if your child is very young at adoption, there is still loss and grief involved. I am eagerly following along on your adoption journey and sending so much love! So thank you for sharing your story. What a beautiful project for a special time and special little girl. The 18-month process produced “an overwhelming mix of excitement, anxiety, and anticipation,” says Elsie. Stitch around three outside edges of each page (leave the part that goes to the spine bare). Thank you so much for sharing your story. This is especially important if there are words of any kind of your image. Hi friends!!! I like children and they like me but having my own baby never really was a need for me. Create New Account. Crayon Wallet DIY For Kids (Great For Travel! Create New Account. I can’t stop swooning! ❤️ My Mama heart is empathizing so hard with yours as you wait for your sweet girl. Thank you. Can’t wait til your family is complete! I can imagine how happy it will make them! I am tearing up as I read this and think about you being so close to meeting your daughter. 15. Thank you for sharing your experience. There are so many amazing programs. If you make your own books I would LOVE to see them! Elsie + Emma are sisters and co-founders of the top DIY blog — A Beautiful Mess. Keep going and Lots of love !! Thank you for these amazing Ideas. Seeing these wonderful women descend into their own personal hell and not even stopping for a minute to think that they could have a child through adoption. Elsie. Just sitting at my desk at work crying. Sometimes it takes time for couples to get on the same page and choosing which route to go is a big choice that requires a lot of honesty and courage. You and Jeremy have such large hearts. We hope you get matched SOON! All of the images in our book were suggested by our agency, and there are certain guidelines you have to follow. This sweet little girl is so blessed. What a precious photo book! <3, This is adorable! I’ve never thought about it myself before reading about your process, but it is so worth considering -even if you are able to become pregnant. I still giggle when i think of you saying “I like arrows because the point to things.’ (yes…yes you did say that!) She is so wanted and so loved already. I’ve tried some others that were not nearly as easy to use and good printable fabrics are a bit pricey.

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