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Tom Ford. Mike and/or Christie wanted to invite old friends who are now members of MS2. Mike Rinder chose to abandon a son, a daughter, a wife of three decades, a brother and even his mother in the years before she died. He is based in the United States now. During this trip, which was paid for by Channel 7 TV Australia, Rinder also trespassed on the assisted-living facility of his own mother, a Founding Scientologist in Australia. July 27, 2020 By Mike Rinder 92 Comments. Justice, compassion, benevolence, kindness, tolerance, belief, respect, friendliness, self-control, honesty, loyalty, love and integrity—these are the words that describe any Scientologist and our actions. Rinder’s help proved to be a waste of money when their baseless case went down in flames in court. The clear evidence this is a lie is that Rinder left the Church from London in 2007 where he had been for months working on an assignment, coming and going as he pleased on a daily basis. "I slept with Mike,'' she said, "and I would have seen it.'' Earlier, in 1994, Rinder authored a declaration under penalty of perjury describing the conduct of a group of anti-Scientologists, which describes his current conduct: These people have gathered around them a few others who are bitter and harbor an unabiding resentment of Scientology and what it stands for and for their own failures in the Church. Mike Rinder | Indipendology. Tom Ford. Dealing with Critics of Scientology – The L. Ron Hubbard Playbook Rinder knows well the modus operandi of professional anti-Scientologists and seeks to profit from these despicable tactics. Mike was very active in the Church organization, in the position named senior executive of Scientology International (CSI), and the Sea Organization. With Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Christie Collbran, L. Ron Hubbard. For what he has done to expand our religion, he has the respect and admiration of millions of Scientologists. Jeffrey Augustine’s blog post dissecting the lies in scientology’s claims about the “assault” on Mike Rinder’s ex-wife. This week Leah and I speak with my wife, Christie. Leah Rimini, Mike Rinder and wife, in USA to day Showing 1-1 of 1 messages. December 21, 2020 By Mike Rinder 36 Comments. She was equally upset by his attacks on her faith. Along with two others, he secretly conspired to suborn perjury, which was finally revealed when it was reported by a newspaper in 2009 after the statute of limitations had run. In paragraph 23 you go on to say: “As I work with him often, know many of the people that know him, I’m aware of the high regard in which he,” meaning Mr. Miscavige, “is held by Scientologists and those he comes in contact with. Christie was featured on the front page of the Sunday New York Times in a story about her disconnection. Mike Rinder worked personally with Scientology Founder L Ron Hubbard and became the official Church of Scientology spokesperson in the early 90's. Mike Rinder, the Man Who Physically Debilitated My Mother for Life, has Officially Entered Old Age. Church of Scientology letter to ABC News Senior Vice President, Church’s social betterment and humanitarian programs, Church of Scientology response to ABC News on Church growth, Church of Scientology response to ABC News-20/20 Inquiry #1, Church of Scientology letter on Remini clips, Church of Scientology response on questions pertaining to Mike Rinder, Church of Scientology response to ABC News-20/20 Inquiry #2, Church of Scientology response to ABC News-20/20 Inquiry #3, Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International, Association for Better Living and Education, Church of Scientology statement re Leah Remini, Building for the Future of the Scientology Religion. With the justifications I have had in place, telling the truth under certain circumstances was in my universe no different than telling a lie or withholding. He is a violent, unstable man who abandoned his family without notice, shredding his ex-wife’s arm so severely she will never regain full use of it. Marty decided, wisely, not to blow off the wedding. His mother was away at the time and extremely upset about her estranged son’s actions. Rathbun, after conducting his own twisted brand of counseling, provides the only logical solution: He turns her into Mike Rinder’s bedmate. 5. share. Rinder and his wife, Cathy, divorced after 35 years. Financial motives are the key to understanding why Rinder says what he does. Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. View/Download Document. Mike Rinder, the Man Who Physically Debilitated My Mother for Life, has Officially Entered Old Age. It really is simple.” That was a true statement, wasn’t it, sir? ABANDONED HIS FAMILY Abandoned his wife of 30 years and two children without saying a word, later running off … Instead, he was busy sleeping with a woman young enough to be his daughter. That led to his removal from any position of responsibility and his ultimately being kicked out of the Church. img. November 14, 2020 By Mike Rinder 40 Comments. Ms. Bernardini underwent surgery for nerve damage, and to this day experiences pain and has not regained full use of her arm and shoulder, as reflected in the EMT report and doctor’s reports on Ms. Bernardini’s injuries. She is much more than simply my other half. Michael John Rinder net worth is $2 Million. He is based in the United States now. A Sea Org member for 35 years, Cathy Rinder called her ex-husband's allegation that Miscavige struck him on some 50 occasions "outrageous.'' Rinder told a different tale in a deposition of January 6, 2015, than the kind of story he usually spread. ... your wife, your mother, your brother and sister. File:2010 Mike Rinder.jpg - Wikimedia Commons. Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jun 21, 2013. Rinder has repeatedly ignored this documentary evidence of wife abuse, causing Ms. Bernardini to obtain current medical records from her attending physician and physical therapist. Mike Rinder has integrity and won't sell it to the cult. John with Mike Rinder at his wedding. This ship functioned as the headquarters for Sea Org. Mike Rinder Net Worth Mike Rinder Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography. Rinder further testified in this deposition that during his tenure in the Church he was familiar with litigation brought by plaintiffs with meritless causes, and that those individuals were “getting together and making false accusations against the Church and corroborating one another.” In doing so, Rinder perfectly described what he does now. The second episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath aired this evening on A&E. On top of that, he nearly broke his brother’s finger during the same crazed outburst. Michael John Rinder Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Learn about Christie Colbran’s story and the details left out by Anderson Cooper in the CNN report. He suborned perjury in an important Church legal case. Marty was asked to give away Christie. Learn about Christie Colbran’s pregnancy to leave the Sea Org, her ex-husband’s suicide attempts and her love affair with Mike Rinder. Scientology Deaths and Suicides. He was so cowardly he wouldn’t even give them the courtesy of doing it to their face – he sent an email to a third party and … While there is always a lot of interest in me, Christie has her own story. His name is Mike Rinder, hanging like an albatross around the A&E president’s neck. Today at 5:18 AM. Similarly, after receiving further medical care, Rinder’s wife and daughter return to Los Angeles battered and emotionally bruised. Latest was Listener Mail: Microwave Weapons, the Vanishing Triangle and Kazakhstans (possibly) Illuminati … Mike Rinder Net Worth Mike Rinder Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography. Since then he can’t find a decent steady job, let alone one that had the stature he enjoyed with the Church. Documentary evidence supports how Mike Rinder abused his family, his former wife and even his coworkers—men and women. Instead, he was busy fathering a child with another woman young enough to be his daughter. Rinder and several cohorts went to a Church facility in Florida and attempted to storm their way into the lobby, conveniently accompanied by a camera crew. His only thought is himself and dishonestly making a living at the expense of others. Alex Gibney and HBO cynically repackaged admitted liar, suborner of perjury, deadbeat, wife abuser and professional bigot Mike Rinder into the poster boy for their new propaganda film. While there will never be another L. Ron Hubbard, his death marked a time of potential disruption and upheaval, and Mr. Miscavige shouldered the responsibility for not only keeping the Scriptures pure, but for guiding our religion into a time of great stability and rapid growth. Mike pushed his way through this crazy mob of angry and insane Scientologists to get to his wife who was in a doctor’s office. Rinder’s lengthy list of family members he chose to disconnect from include a son, a daughter, a former wife, a brother and even his late mother in the years before she died. Mike Rinder is a family man and has married twice in his life. Revealing his true character, Rinder did not even attend his mother’s funeral and was nowhere to be found when his son was battling life-threatening cancer. Christie on the Today Show. In the process, his wife and family, all members of the church, turned their backs on him. Rinder admitted he staged this incident for a UK media organization so the Church “can stop saying I don’t want to see my kid, because now I’ve proven you won’t let me see my kid!” (That is exactly. All Rights Reserved. His parents became members of the church in the 1960s, after listening to lectures by L. … Said Rinder’s daughter Taryn, now grown: “My whole life I actually thought my father hated me. He didn’t attend her funeral and was nowhere to be found when his son was battling life-threatening cancer. Mike Rinder . In the process, his wife and family, all members of the church, turned their backs on him. According to former high-ranking Sea Org member Mike Rinder, Remini's problems with the Church began when she asked about the whereabouts of Miscavige's wife Shelly at the 2006 wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and was told profanely that she lacked the rank to do so. His is a concocted story “corroborated” by a handful of bitter ex-Scientologists with whom he now associates. Nd is a valued of supporter our rinder @rindermike instagram. Mike Rinder heads off a BBC reporter in one of his last acts as Scientology's international spokesperson. That’s how low the two of them have sunk. He’s sold used cars and worked in telemarketing. But worst of all is the betrayal to his own family and children whom he deserted and now spends his time harassing and attempting to make their and their mother’s lives miserable. When they ignored requests to leave, police issued a formal trespass citation. So while her ex, Chris, turned to drugs and women (both of which he had secretly pursued while in the Sea Org) Christie took that prominent place in the bed of Rinder—the original family heartbreaker. This is Leah Remini’s new best buddy, Mike Rinder. To show how low A + E and Leah Remini scraped the bottom of the barrel for their new reality TV show, consider their choice of Mike Rinder as co-host. Mike Rinder has been lying his whole life and I will continue to speak the truth about him until he stops attacking his own family, our religion and our lives. But what really screams hypocrisy is that Remini is holding Rinder out as sanctimonious pontificator about good family relationships, estrangement and disconnection. Mike Rinder is a member of the following lists: Former Scientologists, Australian expatriates in the United States and 1955 births.. Mike Rinder has been peddling his lies to the media since 2009, the exact same lies that he vehemently denied repeatedly in the press for more than two decades. Christie on AC 360. BBC, A&E Toward the end of his tenure at the church, Rinder had displeased Scientology leader David Miscavige and his only real choice was to leave the church. November 21, 2020 By Mike Rinder 41 Comments. Instead, he was busy sleeping with a woman young enough to be his daughter. Mr Sweeney said: ... Brian Blessed scared wife was ‘going to die’ as she 'screamed in pain' on their front lawn. Now Rinder is bosom on-camera buddies with reality TV actress Remini, positioning himself as a shoulder to cry on for families, when the truth is he has always been a failed, deadbeat dad to his own family. (Mike Rinder Declaration of April 11, 1994). AFAIK, Mike Rinder has been offered a lot of money from the cult of Scientology / aka David Miscavige for a Scientological gagging or to get back on the OSA payroll and do Marty is doing - making videos against Scientology critics so they can confuse and overwhelm Scientologists in doubt. And it’s now directed at all Scientologists—even his own family. Mike Rinder, the full name Michael John Rinder, was born in 1955, in Adelaide, and he is an Australian activist and former Scientologist. “I have had a Totally Criminal Moral Code”. Leah and Mike talk to Mike’s wife, Christie, about being raised in scientology, disconnection, Fair Game and what life is like today. The tactic is as transparent as it is unconscionable—spread venom in the hope that the victims of the hate campaign will eventually be forced to buy their silence so the Church can get on with its real purpose of expanding the Scientology religion and helping more people. It starts with an orchestrated media attack involving the most heinous and outrageous allegations, “corroborated” by others who are part of the same group and willing to lie on command.

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