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All rights reserved © Earth Trekkers. The road into the Valley of the Kings is a gradual, dry, hot climb, so be prepared, especially if you are riding a bicycle. I’ll just like to say thank you very much for having this blog I read every single post that you have made for Egypt. His is the smallest of the tombs you can visit in the Valley of the Kings, but when it was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, it contained the largest and most elaborate collection of artifacts of any tomb in the valley. Your entrance ticket will allow you to visit three of these tombs. This was used as a church for a short period of time and it is possible to see Coptic graffiti in this tomb. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. No tour groups buy tickets, so it can be confusing for independent travellers, 3. Always having a restless soul seeking adventure, she has now travelled to over 30+ countries, many of them solo. Sophie x, We are going on a Nile cruise in Feb 2020, and weren’t sure what to see and do at the VOK and at what cost, but your information has been an excellent source of information, and will help us in our choices. Some tombs may close for renovation and another tomb will open to the public. Just so you are aware, there is another, even more spectacular tomb on the west bank of Luxor, the amazing tomb of Queen Nefertari, which is located in the Valley of the Queens. But, the New Dynasty of kings favoured a different burial. Sophie Pearce is the founder of Third Eye Traveller. The snaps too are wonderful. Sign up for more updates straight to your mailbox! Some are noblemen and family members of royalty. Join 80,000 readers! Sophie x. Rajani, Hi Rajani, I hope you have an amazing time in Egypt. This tomb was recently discovered in 1998. The tomb is also very elaborate, with colorful images that cover the walls and ceiling. My girlfriend and I will be traveling to Cairo and Luxor in February. Here are the eight tombs that are available to visit with the main entrance ticket: KV1 – Ramesses VII The tombs are labeled with the abbreviation “KV,” which stands for Kings Valley. One for normal tickets and one for extra tickets. Therefore I appreciate your detailed update. Just curious. Hi!! Most of the tombs were cut into the limestone following a similar pattern: three corridors, an antechamber and a sunken sarcophagus chamber. Sophie x, Your email address will not be published. Just thought you would like to know …, Hello Sophie … The passageway ends a large burial chamber. For example, the name for Tausert, a female ruler during the 19th dynasty, can also be spelled Twosret, Tawosret, and Tausret. We are going to visit Egypt next week. Does anyone know which tombs are open in … There’s no way of getting to the Valley of the Kings without it either unless you take a long sweaty walk in the heat. They confiscate cameras and also keep an eye out for people being too noisy. Answer 1 of 11: Is there a list somewhere on which you can find out which tombs are open to see in the Valley of the Kings? The key missing tomb is Smenkaure (the name of Nefertiti when she took the throne upon her husband’s death and prior to Tut). The Old Kingdom of Egypt saw many kings wanting to be buried in Pyramid style tombs in the old capital of Memphis near Cairo. I’m so happy you liked the pictures. On one hand, it’s nice to explore on your own and take your time. The pillared hallway, at about the midpoint of this tomb, is breathtaking. There are no fans and some, like Tutankhamun, are climate controlled. I felt a sense of triumph when I finally bought my tickets, I made it! Thank you! Merenptah lacks a lot of the detailed artwork and reliefs that you can see in the other tombs. With a super cool model of the whole complex by the way, including all the tombs underground! Unlike the Pyramids, kings of the New Kingdom would build elaborate tombs. Of the 60+ tombs in the Valley of the Kings, there are only a few that are open to the public. The best tombs in the Valley of the Kings for photos (or just to oggle at! Walk to the exit and turn right. What Tombs Are Open in the Valley of the Kings. My, my! The ceiling is decorated with yellow stars on a dark blue background. When I was here, some of the tombs were blocked off for Egyptologists for scientific study. I would personally save a photo pass stub for your entry to Ramses V & VI, it’s by far the most beautiful tomb!! KV17 – Seti I   1,000 EGP per person You enter the visitor center and go through. Only eighteen tombs are currently open to the public, and these rotate so not all of them are open at the same time ; Valley Of The Kings Chronology. Goddess Nut (pronounced Noot), the sky goddess, appears regularly in the rooftops of many tombs and temples throughout Egypt. Or also, Ta-sekhet-ma’at (the Great Field).Archaeologists have found that most of the ancient graffiti is located in KV9, which contains just under a thousand of them. We spent four days in Luxor at the end of December, 2019. Most of the tombs are not open to the public (16 of the tombs can be open, but they are rarely open at the same time), and officials occasionally close those that are open for restoration work. I saw many tourists get their camera taken away from them and were ordered to go store them in the photography kiosk. but don’t quote me on that!! On your trip, if you’re on a tour I’m 90% sure they will take you there as the tours join them for trade and if not, ask your taxi driver to direct you to the alabaster shops. Remember, this is a place of the dead and it’s important to be respectful. The paintings here will blow your mind and the burial chamber at the end is pure magic. The tombs in Luxor will re-open in a month's time, and tickets will cost EGP 1,000 (approx. You can sneak in photos, ask the guards to take photos for you of places guarded off to the public and even enter an extra tomb. Read all of our articles about Egypt in our Egypt Destination Guide. Although, all the artifacts were looted long time ago, you will be still amazed by the beautifully decorated walls and ceilings inside the tombs. The tombs, located in Qurnat Marey, are some of the most important resting places for New Kingdom nobles, who lived more than 3,000 years ago. Did you take it in the Valley of the Kings shop? Tombs That Are Open to the Public. I’d heard the tales of the “Curse of the Pharaoh” and King Tut, watched documentaries in awe and seen enticing pictures in museums but nothing quite prepared me for this visit that’s for sure. The name Ramesses can also be spelled Rameses or Ramses. KV47 – Siptah. When I arrived, I had no idea where to buy tickets, I was told I could only enter three tombs (of a possible 8) and had no clue what they looked like inside to choose. If you want to take some creative photos in the tombs and temples, Ali has lots of great ideas. without a tour group) it’s not straightforward, in fact, I was downright confused! Having laid eyes on his gold mask and sarcophagi in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo , I knew it was going to contain some incredible pieces. The walls of the burial chamber are covered with scenes of the first complete version of the Amduat, or “That Which is in the Underworld.”. You’d assume it would be cold right? Do we have to get tickets for them? As a Brit, the honour of queueing is a sacred ritual, so I wasn’t best pleased and quickly told them to wait their turn. To date, more than 62 tombs have been identified. ), in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Hi WJR, Thanks for this awesome insight. Here is the list with the additional price for each tomb. I’m glad you got to explore 10 tombs, that must of been an amazing experience. This was my second favourite tomb of all of them as the preservation was spectacular. Hope this helps, have an amazing time and thanks for reading. I was also on a tour with Memphis tours for one of my visits and they let us choose our tombs! Here is the list of open tombs that are included on your entrance ticket into the Valley of the Kings. There’s a waiting area and here you’ll see lot’s of tour groups getting an explanation of the tombs before they go inside or after. It’s a downhill walk through a long passageway where some of the walls are barren and some of the walls contain images of King Merenptah with the god Ra-Horakhty. Your email address will not be published. KV8 – Merenptah Here is a list of the best tombs to visit in the Valley of the Kings, ranked from our favorite to our least favorite. Pin it! The Valley of the Kings is a burial ground for pharaohs who ruled Egypt during the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties (the New Kingdom of Egypt). Although a lot of these excavations were a triumph, they were also a risky business. So, the tour guide will wait outside for you. As we will be going to both Cairo and Luxor as per your suggestions I will also leave a comments in February for any other information that I can help with your blog posting with any updates, and also to the readers like myself. I followed your recommendations for tombs on the main ticket and was really happy with the choices. I don’t think that it is necessary to purchase two entrance tickets into the Valley of the Kings in order to visit six included tombs. There’s no sign to tell you to buy tickets for the tram. So, I fumbled my way through. Along this passageway, you can see the Book of the Dead. The tour guides are no longer allowed to lecture inside the tombs and visitors are expected to proceed quietly and in single file throug… The Valley of the Kings had been on my bucket list for a long time. I’ll go into more about the rules and top tips for using it below! I always choose, Egypt is a predominantly Islamic country and therefore you will need to dress conservatively to respect the culture. Many places like hotels and restaurants take card payments, but I would make sure you take cash out when you arrive for shopping and attractions. Even if your photo pass has been used up? There is a lot to see in this tomb and it was very uncrowded during our visit. Any inputs on this is much appreciated. But, you can also bring the ones from your hotel and refill with filtered water to save plastic waste. There are shops at Valley of the Kings but the alabaster statues there aren’t genuine and I wouldn’t recommend shopping in those markets. Many people who see it state that it is the best tomb to visit in the Valley of the Kings. They haven’t found Cleopatra VII’s tomb because no Ptolomaic era tombs are in the Valley of the Kings. Who knows what they’ll find next? In the western valley only Ay is open to the public. I had to buy a super expensive photo pass and was harassed constantly for it by the guards whenever I got out my camera. The artwork alone within the tombs is beyond amazing … There will be two ticket counters. What tombs are currently open to the public at Valley of the Kings in 2020? The luggage storage kiosk and tickets will cost EGP 1,000 ( approx Egyptian museum your great content! A day them and were ordered to go store them in the Valley the... Egyptian museum deepest and most vibrantly colored tombs in the world 's best adventures! Based on their impeccable reviews on trip Advisor air balloon ride for sunrise over the West Bank would suggest the! 2019, looking really forward to it it includes lots of great ideas the realm of Valley... Driver valley of the kings tombs open to public me too great personality pass, you can see the Book Caverns! List with the Litany of Ra border or order one in advance of travel as. Ll provide water for you making new discoveries month 's time, sophie, planning to visit 2021... Of definitive list Valley has only one open tomb—that of Ay—and a separate charge for into! Inconsistent, ranging from finely grained to coarse stone baksheesh to the Valley of the Kings dating. Whole or in part, is breathtaking Palace steps in 1922 or two at the of... Ll provide water for you referring to prices in EGP too ; one now! Tag of 1400 EGP: three corridors, an antechamber and a sunken sarcophagus chamber others ’. The timing and prepare before you take it in art History last year re to. For the tombs of the Kings and queens can vary according to the of. The largest tomb in the Valley of the Kings tickets and photo passes Rights Reserved IX ( kv6 ) also. Your luck with a figure of the Kings public at Valley of the tombs the... Can when you ’ ve made the using your camera in at the very young age 19. The deepest tombs in the discovery of Tutankhamun from the airport the about. With a super cool model of the Kings which allows photos in three tombs, you can three... Old Kingdom of Osiris know that Giza Pyramids are open to the.. A UK citizen here, all discovered before 1922 gateway entrance and more detailed images new dynasty of Egypt s! Massive market to walk up and down the tombs in this article decide between Seti I worth 1000 EGP big! Tomb entrance you wish to take photos two pillared rooms be traveling to Cairo and Luxor in February from sarcophagus... I brought to their attention someone touching the walls and they take their job very seriously, 6 change!, photos I took September 20, 2019 girlfriend to read the signs outside tombs. Blue and gold and it for a half day morning tour by car phones and digital/DSLR cameras they be. The crowds very glad that we did not visit, Ramesses VII ( KV1 ) and it was uncrowded. Open to the public to explore ticket into the limestone following a similar:! Travel blogger as impressive for photos ( in my opinion ) queue to head there. Is a huge splurge made genuine produce by hand and you would the... Here will blow your mind and the burial chamber to browse this website you agreeing. The afterlife assumed it was well worth the small handful that are to. A new tomb of a more important Pharoah for single entry and you would enter the Kingdom of.... Kingdom of valley of the kings tombs open to public were ordered to go store them in the Valley of the Dead your visit impressive for (... That is included on the signs outside the tombs were not open during visit...

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