A Safety App for monitoring you, your family & friends - Anywhere. Anytime.


LOCATION SHARING: Follow your children home from school, or keep a watchful eye on each other on the way home after a night out. Once you have activated location sharing in a group, your position will be visible for the other group members who also share their position. Positions are updated continuously. In order to preserve battery life, the frequencies of the updates vary depending on your activity.

GROUPS: Groups let you control to whom and when you share your position.  Create groups for your friends, family, colleagues, etc. You create groups by selecting New Group in the side menu, add a title and select the group members from your Seecure contacts. A contact can be part of multiple groups.

FRIENDS: B-Protected’s Seecure automatically finds your friends. If you have each other’s phone numbers in your respective phone books, you are automatically added as friends.  We also display friends’ suggestions, where one of you has the phone number of the other in their phone book. You can also send a friend request by inviting a phone book contact.

COMMUNICATION: Send your friends a chat message asking them to “follow” you home when you feel insecure.  Ask your friends to show themselves in the group so you can find them, meet them or just keep a watchful eye on each other. You can always chat with the group members even if you don’t show your location.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: When an Alarm is activated, B-Protected’s Seecure will notify all users in immediate area, your emergency contacts, as well as all members of your active groups, that you are in need of help.  B-Protected’s Seecure will create a unique alarm group containing all your emergency contacts, active group members and users nearby.

RECEIVING AN ALARM: When receiving an alarm, you will see the person who activated the alarm on the map, their profile information, and all other alarm group members. All alarm group members can communicate with each other. A member close to the person who activated the alarm can help by providing information about the situation, and also take pictures and record video.

B-PROTECTED’S SEECURE+:  With this feature, all your alarms will be monitored by Central Station. When you activate an alarm, an operator receives your location and your profile, along with contact information to you and your emergency contacts. The operator will dispatch emergency services to your location, if needed.  B-Protected’s Seecure+ Subscriptions are available both for single users, and as family plans.  Family plans include monitoring for four users. Additional users can be added to a family plan for an additional fee.